Your Opinion on the Death Penalty

 Please post your comments on the death penalty.  Click on the “Add a Comment” below the title.  We’d like to know your opinion and/or what you’d like to know on the death penalty.  Vote in the poll.



2 responses to “Your Opinion on the Death Penalty

  1. I once believed in the death penalty. True, while I can’t argue that those convicted are worthy of their sentence, the act of implementing the penalty seems to create yet more victims. The criminal’s extended and remaining family, the victim’s extended and remaining family, the judge, the jury, the taxpayers, the prosecutors, the defense, the person(s) carrying out the death sentence and our society in general, all become yet another type of victim created by the convicted criminal. The criminal’s pain ends once his/hers life ceases to exist but the conscious and heartaches of those who were involved in that criminal’s life remains.

  2. missiontoconvict

    I have for the most part been against the death penalty because of the economic implications it carries. The costs to have someone on death row are exuberant because of the countless appeals and motions that become part of the justice system during their wait on death row, one would be amazed at the millions of dollars that are spent on just one death row inmate. With that being said I have somewhat waivered in my thoughts and feel that the DP may be appropriate if there special circumstances as in the Sandra and Caylee cases – crimes against children who are totally innocent and defenseless are unforgivable which makes me then feel the DP may be deemed appropriate. It is a double edged sword.

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