Kathleen Savio

kathleen savio

Kathleen Savio – March 1, 2004

Kathleen Savio was 40 years old and the third wife of Drew Peterson. Kathleen died March 1, 2004, in an empty whirlpool type bathtub. She was married to drew for 4 years and had 2 children. She filed for divorce and the settlement was weeks away. Drew’s 2nd wife, Vicki Connolly, said he was getting increasingly controlling and once told her he could kill someone and make it look like an accident. Investigators felt the scene looked staged to look like an accident. Kathleen reportedly had all of her jewelry still on her at the time of death and her family states it was a habit for her to remove all of the jewelry before bathing.

Protection Order: Filed in 2002, Kathleen fears for her life; chased her around the house with a police baton; became very violent after she found out about an affair with a minor; throughout the marriage had been to the emergency room several times; programmed a garage remote for himself to gain access to her home when she was out of town; he has gained access unknowingly at times and scared her while she was at home; he was not happy about having to pay child support; he kept her in one position for a very long time (leg around her neck) while trying to convince her she was horrible and needed to die and pulled a knife on her. She wanted him charged with unlawful entry and attempt on her life however she did not report the incident at the time it happened because of fear.

1st Autopsy report:1-inch blunt laceration or gash to the back of her head; bruises on her lower abdomen, buttocks, shins, hands, wrists, and a finger; cerebral edema with cerebrallar tonsillar notching which is swelling/lesion of the brain in a downward herniation as in blunt force to the head; Alcohol and drugs tests were negative but no tests were conducted for any poisons. The autopsy stated the cause of death drowning but also mentioned the laceration could have been caused by falling.

2nd autopsy: Pathologist, Dr. Blum ruled the death drowning and the legal manner of death was homicide. They now have a scientific basis and compelling evidence to support the conclusions. He performed microscopic examinations and toxicology on tissue samples. Because of the ongoing investigation, the results will not be released.

3rd Autopsy: Dr. Baden has completed over 20,000 autopsies and over 200 exhumation autopsies. He was requested by Kathleen’s family to do an independent autopsy. The family was concerned about the circumstances surrounding her death and not being heard from 36 hours prior to being found. There were no fractures; water got into the casket and caused a lot of soft tissue deterioration, however there were pictures, xrays, and other data that assisted him. The bruises from the first autopsy were described as purple which indicate fresh or new. He stated the head could have been held down by a strong person and bruises would not always be present. The laceration on the head is consistent with blunt force impact which could have caused unconsciousness. It was too late for DNA under the fingernails but said it was not too late for toxicology tests to rule out poisons. He concluded that it was a homicide and that is the cause of death he would have put on the death certificate.

The sealed toxicology reports and microscopic tests could tell the story of what happened to Kathleen.

Drew continues to be in the news. I think he believes he got away with the murder of Kathleen. He is also a person of interest in the disappearance of his 4th wife, Stacy.

If we look at the their life leading up to her death, we see tell-tale signs. There were the accusations of entering her home uninvited. Increasing violence, pending divorce settlement, and Drew gaining 3 million dollars if Kathleen died before the final settlement. According to the law, he is innocent until proven guilty but by a reader’s eyes, he looks guilty.

God Bless You, Kathleen. As they said, you have spoken from the grave!

by: NaplesFL34102


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