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Welcome to Shadows of Crime: Lifting the Veil

Crime invades every aspect of our lives. It has become more visible to the public eye-from armed robbery to horrendous crimes against children. Television, radio, and the internet are media outlets gaining a larger focus on crime. Television shows featuring fictional characters, as well as reality based series are popular. Radio and internet opened the doors to many avenues in reporting to blogging about crime and victims.
Everyday, in some part of each state, a crime is committed. We read and hear about the horrendous crimes against other human beings, and wonder how a person(s) could commit such a deed. We, as humans, struggle to understand the mind of a criminal and what perpetuates crime. People strive to know who and why the criminal acts differently than a responsible person. The court dockets are overcrowded, prisons are costly, and recidivism rates continue to climb. Even with more focus on crimes and victims, little has changed in terms of dealing with crime. Where’s the human compassion?
A criminal chooses crime over conforming to societal norms. Criminals do not see themselves realistically. People are only valued by criminals to the extent of how they can be used for their own needs and desires. Their patterns of thought are long developed through their environment and, in some cases, predisposition.
Within this last year we learned of many hideous crimes – children abducted, raped, and murdered. These acts have been so gruesome that one can only conclude these are the actions of a sick person, but this reaction does not give us any insight into the criminals’ minds or understanding of what went on as he/she planned and executed the crime.
Although the crime perpetrated upon the victim is not normal behavior, most criminals think rationally and deliberately. This is not insanity. Most criminals know right from wrong. By the time their cases get to court most criminals know the laws better than their attorneys.
It is the rapid awareness of crimes and the need to understand criminal behaviors which leads people to follow crimes, discuss the aspects, and investigate the peripheral boundaries. Thus, through the sources of the internet, we are able to shadow these crime cases and lift the veil on the intricacies of the criminal behavior and recognize those victims whose innocence or lives are lost.
Shadows of Crime: Lifting the Veil was created in memory of Sandra Cantu Sandra Cantu




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